peace core values.

I teach a course at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs called “How to Build Your Own NGO.”  My aim is to provide students with practical, nuts and bolts skills they’ll use in the non-profit sector, to augment their wingnut and screws theoretical learning. (I wrote more about gradschools here.)  I  spend a chunk of time spieling about developing core values — the ethos underlying an organization’s vision, mission, strategy, and organization culture.  

So, I wanted to share New York Peace Institute’s core values, which we built by consensus across the organization (with the help of our friends at Big Duck).  I keep them posted over my desk, and I read them daily, as a constant reminder that even the most mundane, bureaucratic tasks (of which I perform many) are in service to promoting a peaceful NYC. It never fails to put a pep in my step.  

Click here for the 6 steps…


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