October Mensch of the Month!

— He represents what the police should be all about: community peacebuilding. Jeff works tirelessly to integrate mediation skills into the NYPD.  And he’s been modeling this on-site at the Occupy Wall Street protests, striving to make the police and protesters collaborators in peace.  We need more cops like this.

— Jeff’s a one-man convoy on the information superhighway.  He drops knowledge through his blogs Enjoy Mediation and Nonverbal PhD, and he’s a featured blogista on Mediate.com and the International Mediation Institute.  He’s the brains behind the Werner Institute’s ADR Hub, a growing social networking site for peace professionals. In between it all, he tweets with the energy and frequency of an Arab Spring dissident.

— He is committed to raising awareness of diverse religious traditions in New York City, and works closely with the Interfaith Center.  He’s been on junkets with them to Madrid and Glasgow, spieling about how religious diversity can contribute to community cohesion.

— Jeff’s pursuing a Ph.D. on nonverbal communication at Griffith University Law School in Australia, and has been conducting splendid info-taining workshops on the practical applications of his research. Not sure if we’ll call him “Doctor Detective Jeff” or “Detective Doctor Jeff.”

— He hangs around bus stations and airports just to analyze people’s body language. Not in a creepy way.

— Newsweek followed him around and profiled him mediating for our consumer debt program in Manhattan Civil Court.

— It is impossible to not feel that Jeff scrutinizes your every gesture, movement, and tic.  This takes some getting used to, though he’s quick to put you at ease and tell you he’s not analyzing you. (But he really is.)


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