Guest blogger Ashok Panikkar on the right to offend.

Here’s a guest post from my friend and peacebuilding agent provocateur Ashok Panikkar, Executive Director of the Indian conflict resolution organization Meta-Culture.  I’m not sure I agree with everything he says below. But he is quite persuasive…even moreso in person, where he’ll augment his reasoning with infectious laughter and impish charm.

Click here for his article! 


7 thoughts on “Guest blogger Ashok Panikkar on the right to offend.

    • Thanks, Susan! You are right, cowering only further emboldens the bull. A living and sustainable peace can come about only if all voices are heard, including (and most importantly) the most offensive ones.


  1. Ashli,
    This is certainly fresh and a source of food for thought. I would like to mount it on my website I’ll also be sharing it on Facebook.
    Looking forward to your response,
    Francis Belle

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