What it is.

Welcome to the Hecklist….a collection of musing, ruminations, digressions, and thoughts at least marginally related to my work with the New York Peace Institute.  Check us out at www.nypeace.org, and follow us on Twitter @NewYorkPeace.

Founded in 1981 as part of Safe Horizon — a leading violence prevention and victims’ service agency in New York City — we are now an independent, non-profit organization committed to building peace in New York and beyond.  Helping more than 10,000 people creatively and peacefully resolve their conflicts each year, we’re one of the largest dispute resolution programs nationwide. We also train and certify mediators, and provide vital peacebuilding skills to communities and organizations.

E-mail us at info@nypeace.org if you’d like more information, and have a peek at our “What’s New” section for workshops, trainings and all kinds of free events.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings,

Brad Heckman, CEO, New York Peace Institute


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