on new year’s day, chickens 1, pigs 0.

As a lazy/inconsistent vegetarian, I’ll avoid both the fowl and the swine today.  Mac and cheese in on today’s menu chez nous.

But there was a point to the new year’s day meat superstition: the first of the year is all about looking forward…so, we were to avoid eating animals that scratched backward, and feast upon those who scratched forward.  On that day, the henhouse’s loss was the pigsty’s gain.

Mediation is all about looking forward, and this is a key way in which it differs from therapy.

While mediators can, and do, facilitate conversations with clients about what happened in the past, the thrust of the process is where do we go from here.  And while therapists certainly help their patients move forward, the emphasis of their work often focuses on patients’ behavioral origins, childhoods, parental relationships, and the like.

So, whatever’s on your plate today, here’s looking forward to a productive, prosperous, and peaceful 2012.


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