The Soviet Scalp Succession Scheme: Conspiracy or Coinkidink?


hairpothesisDating back to the tsars, Russian/Soviet leaders alternated between being bald and having full heads of hair. (Note: I excluded the Andropov, Chernenko and Medvedev interludes from the drawing, but they check out as well.). This is known as the “Bald-Hairy Theory.” Google it — it’s a thing.

One can speculate on all kinds of Kremlin intrigue behind this Premier-patterned baldness. Putin’s pate might suggest that we should look for the lushest pompadour in the Kremlin to figure out who’s the….hair apparent.

In mediation, it can be tempting to make assumptions based on clients’ past actions. Indeed, in economics and psychology, it’s said that the best predictor of future actions is past behavior. Luckily, in mediation, we’re not in the prediction business, and we’re all about moving forward — and perhaps breaking patterns.

Here’s Australian mediator Margaret Halsmith tweet in response to my drawing:  “Mediation is an evenhanded process of shifting thinking from assumptions of the past to hypotheses of the future.”

Margaret clearly gets the mane idea.



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