a modest proposal for 2012, from a friend.

This is from my friend Ashok Pannikar, visionary founder of Meta-Culture, a visionary conflict resolution organization based in Bangalore, India.  I’ve been begging Ashok to guest blog for me, so hopefully my showcasing his work will sweeten the deal.

One of the many things I admire about Ashok is that, as a former graphic designer, he sees his organization as his studio — a cauldron of frenetic, creative energy.  He also believes work should be fun, and he punctuates his speech with infectious laughter and offbeat humor.  We in the peacebuilding field can sometimes take ourselves a bit too seriously, and Ashok is doing his part to correct that.

So, thanks for the inspiration, Ashok, and here’s to a year of transforming slogans into dialogue.


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