Cats on Broadway (not the musical).

Where I grew up in the ‘burbs, waitress are preternaturally cheerful. If you’re hungry for a side of “honey,” “sugar” and “darling” with your burger deluxe, just pop into any suburban diner.  A New York stereotype is the mildly contemptuous and ennui-infused actor/model/musician waiting tables till the next gig, serving up your tofu scramble with a side of snark.

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1 thought on “Cats on Broadway (not the musical).

  1. Nice blurb on cross-cultural customs and greeting methods. Resonates strongly here in SW France where I’m spending the week mostly with new relatives by marriage, and almost had my glasses knocked off twice by friendly but aggressive two-cheeker besous-es! Even complete strangers are giving me excess kiss/face action although a few older men acquiesce to the standard hand shake. But not like neighboring Germany where the kraftige haendedruck (very brisk and firm handshake) still reigns. Even non-mediators are advised to approach greetings in less familiar cultures with extreme caution. Probably not a good idea to slap an older Japanese woman sharply on the back, especially if she is skilled at martial arts! Alan (near Bordeaux).

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