7 tidbits of highly reflective people.


2 thoughts on “7 tidbits of highly reflective people.

  1. Thanks for the awesome quotes. Do you know the context of Gregg Allman’s quote and what it means? Out of context, it could be interpreted in at least three ways:

    1. because life is full of colors and nuances, it is not useful to try to simplify things by forcing them into a black and white framework. The truth is not black and white.

    2. because the truth is in black and white, it’s hard to express it for us human beings who live lives full of colors.

    3. there’s an ironic twist, and the message is that there is no truth (it’s an illusion) and life is never black and white (and to see it this way is another illusion).

    Thanks for clarifying the context!


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