sketchy business.

Here’s a compilation of my sketchquotes in black and white.

dolly-copy alda-yello-copy hammet-bw nadine-bw lynch-2 dylan-bw gertrude-stein-color-copy dusan-yello-lines-copy

hawking-color-copylily-tomlin-b-w cash-bw picasso-bw albright-yello-copy garry-shandling-bw bradbury-yello-copy bertrand-yello-copy cho-yellow angela-davis-bw faulkner-bw bertolt-brecht-yello-copy asimov-color-copycamus-copyleymah-bw




eleanor-copy vincent-color oscar-wilde-color-copy fred-rogers-copy


whitman-yello-copyjohn-cameron-mitchell-copy john-waters

wole-soyinka-color-copy albee-color-copyorwell-bwjames-baldwin-copy

chavez-copy michael-k-williams


nin-bw indira-b-and-2 kundera-black-and-whitemahler-bwbill-watterson-bw cage-b-and-w cave-b-and-w bernstein-b-and-w gene-rodennberry oliver-sacks-bw

arthur millermarina

russell simmonsabe


mos def




hg wells


tom waitshavelannnie lennoxcharles-yello-copy






joe strummer

MLK— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.patti-smith-colormurakami-blue


bruce-lee-cleanlou reedgrouchodavid byrne

neill'engle 2




kate bush 2



elvis nickgene wilder




33 thoughts on “sketchy business.

  1. These truly encapsulate what we think, and why we should feel compelled to give others the space to think them out loud as well. I stay energized by these sketchings. Thank you so very much Brad. Blessings, V

  2. Brad,
    I so enjoyed your marvelous sketches that so brilliantly captured those wonderful words of wisdom.
    I shared them with my son, who wanted to know when more were forth coming! I am a former mediator; who has plans of returning SOON!

  3. Thanks for sharing your impressive talent with all of us. Your choices of whom to sketch and what they have said are inspirational. I especially liked the Primo Levi quote as he is not a person oft-quoted nor that well known but his writings deserve to be known better. I just read If this is a Man and Truce and am still reeling from their devastating eloquence and poignancy.

    • thanks so much, michael. the sketches are easy….the real talent is coming up with such meaningful words. I was living in Italy when Levi died, and he’ll always ha s a special place in my heart.

    • I’m back again for your next installment and loved all the pieces. The Tom Waits quote “as long as they are entertained” reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend when I first started mediating and I was talking about a case. The work must be a constant source of entertainment, he replied. I was annoyed by the partial truth he hit upon. After doing many cases now, I usually don’t share them with others who are not mediators. That seems to cut down on the entertainment value.

  4. Thank you, these are uniquely inspiring that I am going to share with people who care about and work toward Peace and Love, and even those who don’t. Peace & Love.

  5. I once took a sketch class while living in Germany. I thought they’d start with a bowl of fruit but no, week after week new and interesting humans. It was so hard! Hands … forget about it. What did my instructor say about my work? “Komisch”. What would he say about yours? “Genial”. Thanks for sharing Brad and keep them coming!

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