a few thoughts.

brad brain

As a white male, I strive to be aware of the privilege I have at the expense of others. As a social justice advocate, I long for an end to oppression in all forms, in particular against people of color. As a mediator, I endeavor to see that the world is nuanced and complex. As a trainer of police officers, I want to shine light on the cops who are community peacebuilders. As a human being of middling intelligence, I struggle to reconcile all the above.

This weekend, I watched  Black Lives Matter protesters peacefully express themselves while NYPD officers — who were mainly people of color  — peacefully protected their right to protest. In the midst of all this, we continue to train NYPD officers in mediation and communication skills. I’m humbled to play small role in healing police-civilian relationships, and applaud the efforts of all who are tackling this issue from other angles and perspectives. It’s at once the most challenging and yet needed time for this kind of work.

Here’s a short feature on NBC News NY about two of the officers we trained, and the work they’re doing to build relations in their community:

Peace to all,



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