you say the nicest things.

milesIn our 40-hour bootcamp-meets-bandcamp Basic Mediation Training, you’ll learn side by side with UN diplomats, teachers, actors, lawyers, homemakers, activists, cops, and more. It’s a deeply moving experience — for our trainees, and for us as well. I thought I’d toot our horn a bit and share some of our participants’ feedback.  FYI, there are a couple slots left in our March 27-31 training in case you want to join New York City’s largest civilian peacebuilding force (us!)

It should be required training for every New Yorker.

The trainers do an excellent job. Even if people don’t want to go into mediation, it will help them grow personally.

New York Peace Institute opened my eyes to the myriad of applications of mediation. Forty hours flew by!

Great skills to apply in business or in life.

New York Peace Institute gave me the skills to handle complex conflict situations from the grassroots level to the national government level in Somalia.

A fun, interactive experience where you learn a lot about yourself. Mediation skills can be used in all facets of your life.

An excellent opportunity to grow as an individual and peacemaker.

An invaluable training – even if you have no intention of being a mediator.

You jam so much information down our throats, but it goes down like honey.

I’m from Iraq, and I learned over these days together that Americans truly believe in peace.

This training has changed my life.

The training is exceptional. The trainers are super competent and teach in a thorough yet fun way.

Taking an entire field and condensing it into 5 days of training seems pretty lofty but New York Peace Institute does it flawlessly while empowering its students.

A true learning environment where passion and education come together.

One of the most transformative experiences of my life.

Great learning environment that crafts fun and informative techniques to teach mediation.

The best training I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been to hundreds.

It’s not giving up a weekend — it’s spending it with new friends who are smart, interesting, community-minded, while watching videos, talking, and learning.


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