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Earbud_U-Episode-3-Brad-HeckmanHere is a conversation between me and our friend Jesan Sorrells on his recently-launched Earbud University podcast series. Jesan also made the above graphic (just so you know I didn’t anoint myself as a Peace Artist…though I do appreciate the accolade!)



some brooklyn teens’ perceptions of the NYPD.

wordleFolks, we recently had the opportunity to work with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on an initiative to elicit students’ perceptions about the police. Our teammates Marquita and Carrie facilitated in-person and cyber discussions in which 30-some diverse students from four Brooklyn high schools expressed their thoughts, concerns, and hopes about civilian-police relationships.

Above is a word cloud that provides a snapshot of the youth’s input, when asked what word they’d use to describe police. Props to Borough President Adams for putting this event together.

For more info about the event, have a look here:

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