we got your PeaceTalks right here.

Godzilla-vs-Megalon-handshakeFolks, we’re plenty busy helping more than 10,000 people build peace each year, providing crucial skills to organizations such as the NYPD, NASA, and the UN, and generally keeping it real.

As if that weren’t enough, we’re committed to being a place where we can exchange ideas and learn new approaches to peacebuilding. This is what our PeaceTalks are all about.  Just about every month, we have exciting (and free!) 2-hour gatherings, usually in our fabulous Brooklyn Mediation Center, on all kinds of topics.  We’ve done film screenings, book signings, mediator storytelling nights, presentations by prestigious diplomats, spiels on how to market your mediation practice, improv comedy for mediators, and more.

Our PeaceTalks (again — free!) are also opportunities to schmooze and re-connect with peacebuilders of all stripes.

Our next one, which is this Thursday, December 11, 6-8:00pm, is all about the connection between dance, movement, and mediation, by our friend Jill Sarah Moscowitz.  I’m hoping to learn how to incorporate my own personal forbidden dance of love (i.e. the chicken dance) into my practice. RSVP & learn more here for Thursday’s, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and our website for upcoming PeaceTalks.