closingHere’s my infographic on how to close a mediation session. Take our awesome bootcamp-meets-bandcamp mediation training and you’ll be able to decode my doodles.

But I’ll happily explain the turkey, and you can use your imaginations on the underwear, astro-goat, blimp and Wonderbread.

When we close a mediation session, regardless of the outcome, it’s important that we give thanks to our clients — for their willingness to speak their minds, have the conversations they need to have, and perhaps engage in courageous acts of reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing.

So, to the thousands of folks out there who take the leap of faith to bring your conflicts to mediation — buckled Pilgrim hats off to you. And big thanks to our mediators, staff, board, supporters, partners, and families, for doing your part to build peace in NYC and beyond.

Happy Thanksgiving all, and enjoy your can-shaped cranberry sauce, be-marshmallowed sweet potatoes, or whatever other delicacies tantalize your palates chez vous.




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