find out how new york peace institute parties.

lorinWe’re eager to see all y’all at our PeaceRaiser on November 5th.  To give you a sense of how we roll when we celebrate building peace in NYC and beyond, here are some pics from our last shindig — a benefit concert by the Grammy-award winning Klezmatics at the West Village Landmark, the Cafe Wha?.

Speaking of the Klezmatics — a bunch of them will be there on the 5th. And, among our swell auction items will be a music lesson by the Klezmatic member of your choice!  Above is lead singer & multi-instrumentalist Lorin Sklamberg.

thumbs upOpposable thumbs up for New York Peace Institute!

crowdCrowd gathers with giddy anticipation for showtime.

joint is jumpingThe joint is jumping, as the kids say.

ritchieRitichie Barshay played all those drums AND the Cafe Wha?’s plumbing pipes.

lisa gutknLisa Gutkin on violin. Know what she’s doing now? Playing in Sting’s musical on Broadway, that’s what.

peace signPeace right back atcha.

brad crooningDon’t make me sing.

Something special always happens at New York Peace Institute events. Fun is had, drinks are drunk, food is noshed, friendships are made, peace is supported.  Spend a coupla hours with us. Enjoy. Bid on some cool auction items. Get involved in our interactive art piece. Play some trivia.  What could possibly go wrong?

Get your tix here while they last: $100, $60 for students. Your role in keeping mediation free for New Yorkers in need? Priceless.


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