what do all these folks have in common?

scroll down and find out.copsBUELLER-700x331Pinheadmatlockjared letodentistrobinflo-aliceUN Nick Nolte

These are among the professions who just survived our intensive, 5-day, bootcamp-meets-bandcamp Basic Mediation Training: NYPD cops, teachers, an acupuncturist, lawyers, activists, a dentist, therapists, a food industry worker, a United Nations staff member, and more.

One of the things we love about these trainings is the community that we build through 40 hours of learning, laughing, eating and playing together. People who might not ever meet in real life — and may hold a stereotype or two about each other — bond and connect in incredible and unpredictable ways. Over the years, we’ve seen more than 2,000 people build mini-communities through holing them up in Brooklyn for five days.  We figure we’re only about 7.125 billion people away from building world peace.

And what we love about mediation is that you can be great at it regardless of your background, education, or profession.  You may need to un-learn stuff as well as learn stuff, but if you’re committed to building peace, willing to honor clients’ self determination, able to check your ego at the door, and resist the urge to be judgey, mediation may be just the jam for you.



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