PUN DMC: here’s the winner of our peace-pun contest.

Head in Hands

Folks, there’s still time to get tix to our amazing benefit concert on May 8th featuring the Grammy award-winning Klezmatics at the historic Café Wha?. Meanwhile, we just had a competition for best peace-related pun, in which the winner gets a free ticket.

And the winner is Jonathan Evan Goldberg (who quite frankly stuffed the ballot box) for:

“The free ticket should go to my friend David Accords: Comp David Accords.”

Honorable mentions and/or dishonorable groans go to the following runners-up:

If an electron and proton get into a dispute, will NYPI provide a neutral neutron? Ugh nevermind, law school doesn’t teach puns   — Brian Farkas

Food brings people together: share a peace of cake. Also share some settle-mints, while you’re at it!   –Jonathan Evan Goldberg

When approaching the New World half the Pilgrims wanted to sail the Mayflower south and the other half north, so they worked out a compromise and came to a settlement. –James P. Stanton

Got fat sharing food with the enemy, Time for some peace and diet. –Jonathan Evan Goldberg

More on food for peace: try some meatyation or carbitration as forms of alternative dispute resolution. Booya!  –Jonathan Evan Goldberg

The mediator who mediated the dispute Helped two disputants to reboot Said the two to the mediator, “is it easier to dispute or to help two disputants to kahoot? –James P. Stanton  

Show your peace at the door and get in free.  –Mark Diamond

Thanks for playing along, punsters, and hope to see you on May 8th.


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