scenes from the NEW new york peace institute.

We’re fully operational in our fabulous new Manhattan Center, and we’re also in the midst of renovating our Brooklyn Center. Big thanks to our individual donors, pro-bono helpers, and the sweat equity of our team in getting our new (and old) digs shipshape. Here are a few pics, which I hope illustrate the vibrant oasis of peace we’re striving to build.

photo (18)Here’s one of our mediation rooms in Brooklyn.  The PEACE squares are also soundproofing tiles, to help us keep mediation confidential.

photo (23)Voila, the entrance to our new Manhattan space.

photo (19)Mediation table essentials: Water, cups, paper, pens, tissues (if you don’t have them, someone will cry or sneeze), and sweets.

photo (25)Look at our big fat logo in our waiting/training area in Brooklyn, and all the beautiful people doing a Tai Chi exercise during our recent masterclass with Doug Noll.

photo (24)A vintage court bench and an equally vintage tapestry from my travels to Tajikistan adorn our Manhattan Center’s waiting area.

photo (22)My office/mediation room, replete with tchachkis a go-go.

photo (20)A prototype of our New York Peace Mobile. The only problem is getting it out of neutral.

We’re so excited that our Centers visually reflect our values of creativity and optimism, empathy and empowerment. And I’m so proud that our team was able to get us up and running without missing a beat.

This is really cool:  In our old Manhattan office, due to building regs, we had to close our doors at 4:30pm, and during a 90 minute lunch break. We’re now mediating in the evenings….and are piloting a weekend mediation project. (We had three cases last Saturday.)

Our Manhattan move cost us a big chunk of change, now that we’re paying rent after decades of free municipal space. But it’ll pay off, for our clients, communities, and city. So now would be an awesome time to contribute any amount, so we can continue to honor our commitment to keep mediation free and accessible in NYC.




14 thoughts on “scenes from the NEW new york peace institute.

  1. Congrats Brad, u did it! I read meditation instead of mediation 🙂 so… Maybe that’s the new trend you’ll bring in. It goes well with the colors!

  2. Beautifully tailored!
    I can see you have put a lot of care and love in your community center Brad.
    And a lot of colour !!!!! congrads
    I hope i can visit your premises and meet you in person at the end of April when i visit NYC.
    ( I now live in Athens, Greece)
    May your renewed premises bring you more mediation cases!
    Greek Greetings

  3. It looks AMAZING from these photos!!! I cannot wait to visit and mediate. Thank you for your dedication and invaluable efforts.

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