#Cyberweek is nigh!

robots graphic

There’s a bunch of forward-thinking folks hellbent on propelling our field into the future. Our friends at ADRHub have assembled all kinds of discussions and activities involving computers, clouds, The Internets, artificial intelligence, robots, droids, cyborgs, replicants, and all things virtual & technological in the dispute resolution field, November 4-8. Tweeps, your hashtag is #Cyberweek.

Here’s how it’s going down (re-printed from ADRhub…keep checking their schedule for updates and new links):

Monday, November 4th

Live Webinars!

  • Smartsettle – Debt Resolution with Smartsettle One – Product Demo, presented by Ernest Thiessen & Derek Barber @11am Eastern/10am Central/4pm GMT
  • Online Defamation: Issues relevant to Online Dispute Resolution, presented by Nadina Foggetti @ 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/7pm GMT
  • Mobile Mediation: The New Frontier for Online Mediation, presented by Giuseppe Leone @ 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/12am GMT

Special Live Activity!

Discussion Forums!

Tuesday, November 5th

Live Webinars!

  • Synchronous Technology to Engage a Broader Spectrum of the Population in Resolving Community Disputes, presented by Larry Schooler @11am Eastern/10am Central/4pm GMT
  • Yala’s Use of Online Platforms for Peacebuilding Work, presented by Arik Segal @ 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/7pm GMT
  • Artificial Intelligence and ODR, presented by John Zeleznikow @ 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/12am GMT

Special Live Activity!

  • Internet Radio Program – A Field on the Move: New Books, Journals, & Ideas in ODR. Dave Hilton with special guest Daniel Rainey @ 6pm Eastern/5pm Central/11pm GMT

Discussion Forums!

  • Mobile Mediation: Mediation as Close as your Telephone, Moderated by Kristen Blankley
  • ODR Government Initiatives from Around the Globe, Moderated by Mark Wilson, Colin Rule, Chittu Nagarajan, Loic Coutelier, Graham Ross, & Ayelet Sela
  • Which Video Conferencing Software Works Best for Online Mediation, Moderated by Giuseppe Leone

Wednesday, November 6th

Live Webinars!

Discussion Forums!

  • The Role of Technology in Creating a Safe Internet for Teens, moderated by Krista Jessacher
  • ODR Forum – Visualizing the Future, Moderated by Colin Rule, Ethan Katsh, & Jeff Aresty

Thursday, November 7th

Live Webinars:

Special Live Activities:

  • Internet Radio Program – Social Media and ODR, Pattie Porter with special guests Leah Wing & Tom Murray @ 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/6pm GMT
  • Live Streaming Presentation – Conversations with a Long-time Mediator, Zena Zumeta live from Wayne State University @ 3:30pm Eastern/2:30pm Central/8:30pm GMT

Friday, November 8th

Live Webinars:

  • Picture it Settled – Product Demo, Presented by Don Philbin @11am Eastern/10am Central/4pm GMT
  • Keynote Panel: ODR Forum – Visualizing the Future, presented by Colin Rule, Ethan Katsh, & Jeff Aresty @ 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/7pm GMT

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