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Dear friends,

As you may know, we’ve been on the hunt for a new Manhattan Mediation Center for what seems an eternity. Having burned up beaucoup shoe leather hoofing it all over Manhattan with a bevy of brokers, we’ve just signed the lease on a great space.

Where are we gonna be? 111 John Street, 6th Floor. It’s located ever so close to many subway lines, via the Fulton Street stop. It’s a dignified, respectful space that will provide clients, mediators and staff with an environment conducive to building peace. 111 John is a 27-floor, art deco gem, built in 1929. It has shiny, shiny doors. The best part: we won’t be hamstrung by the hours of operation in our current building, which is closed to clients during lunch and after 4pm.  We’ll be able to serve more people, when they’re available and need us most.

It’s also a swell hood — lots of places to browse and eat and stroll. Lemme tell you, we’ve looked at a pretty broad spectrum of spaces. There was the deluxe pad with great skyline views, but well beyond our modest non-profit budget. There was the super cheap place in which a hobo and (we think) a dog were secretly living.  As it often works with NYC real estate, the right place materializes at the last possible moment.

Now it’s time for the myriad moving minutia of packing, painting, a few minor renovations, tech set-up, etc.  We hope to be in situ by mid-November, and our goal is to not miss a beat with our clients.  We’ll likely move in around the time of our November 14th PeaceRaiser…which will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about us, network, and help us pay the rent.  Of course, we’ll also have a housewarming party once we’re settled in…stay tuned.

To our board, our funders, our staff, our mediators, our friends and families — thank you ever so much for your leadership, patience and support during this wild ride.

Yours in solidarity,


Brad Heckman

CEO, New York Peace Institute


20 thoughts on “WE HAVE A NEW HOME!

  1. Congrats on your successful “hoofing” through Manhattan to find such a beautiful, peaceful space. So proud of you, little brother. Many years of success to you!

  2. Thanks to you Brad for keeping us mediators up do date with this process and congratulations to the whole team of NYPI for persevering patiently in the search for this art deco, typically old New York dignified looking spot for us to do our work. The expanded hours for mediating are much appreciated. I will, truth to tell, miss the impressively high ceilings at 346 Broadway.

  3. Many congratulations to you Brad and all the NYPI team on finding this wonderful looking new home. For me, it seems no time since I was working with you in the Manhattan office at the start of the year when the news came about the need to move. In my new role in London (starting on Monday) a move is on the cards for next year, so I hope to emulate your patience and careful thinking. All the very best.

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  5. Hi Brad,

    In your recent post on the listserv that was quite interesting and helpful, there is a link to information about mediation in New York City.. .http://www.nycourts.gov/courts/nyc/civil/pdfs/mediation.pdf.
    There is a detailed description of mediation in the court setting which is well written and clear. I would like to point out however that the information given for the CDRC in Brooklyn and Manhattan is incorrect. See below for what is listed. Perhaps you or someone would like to correct that document published by the NYcourts.gov

    Brooklyn/Kings County
    Safe Horizon
    Brooklyn Mediation Center
    210 Joralemon Street, Room 618
    Brooklyn, New York 11201
    (718) 834-6671

    Manhattan/New York County
    Safe Horizon
    Manhattan Mediation Center
    346 Broadway, Room 400W
    New York, New York 10013

    All the best and see you next week,
    Michael Cassandra

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