my #ConflictResolutionDay twitter round-up


October 17th was Conflict Resolution Day, and New York City was not swallowed up into a hellmouth. You’re welcome. (And it’s really Conflict Resolution Month, what with conferenes a go-go…to wit, ACR in Minneapolis and NYSDRA in Albany).  For the non-Twitterati, here are my groan-inducing tweets commemorating the day.

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. No fighting. Unless it’s westside story-style dancefighting.

Conflict Resolution Day 1995: Blur & Oasis agree to stop calling each other “wankers”.

Negotiate with the power! — Public Enemy on Conflict Resolution Day

Breaking: Mayor McCheese forgives and pardons Hamburglar for trying to steal and eat his head. #ConflictResolutionDay

Things are quiet in NYC today. a little too quiet. oh yeah: #ConflictResolutionDay

Ninjas, put down your nunchucks. It’s Conflict Resolution Day!

Mediation opening statement joke: “Knock knock.”   “Whoever’s there, how would you like to be addressed?”  #ConflictResolutionDay

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. Use your pitchforks & torches for farming and light, and cut Frankenstein’s monster some slack already.

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. For the next 24 hours, i vow to not end my phone calls with I SAID GOOD DAY SIR.

It’s Conflict Resolution Day so break it up, youse two.

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. Got beef? We’ll cure it. (See what I did there?)

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. Which is likely to have a much better ending than Convict Revolution Day.

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. Put that in your pipe and smoke it…YOUR PEACE PIPE, THAT IS. #SorryNotSorry

BREAKING: Exterminators and cockroaches sign temporary ceasefire for Conflict Resolution Day.

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. Cut someone a break. Or come to us if you can’t.

It’s Conflict Resolution Day. In NYC, the rats & pigeons are HUGGING IT OUT.

Conflict isn’t the opposite of peace. it’s a path to peace. We’ll help you pave it. #ConflictResolutionDay


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