movin’ on up. or at least out.


Folks, after decades in our Manhattan location, the city has sold the building, and we’re fixing to find new digs.  We’re eyeballing all kinds of new spaces, and hope to zero in on something very, very soon, as we need to set up housekeeping by November 1. As we help people unpack their conflicts, we’re packing up boxes. (See what I did there?)

We’ve been super lucky over the years, thanks to the courts and the city letting us use the space free of charge. We’ve helped thousands upon thousands of people build peace and understanding in this place.  And Law and Order filmed at least two episodes in our offices!  If these walls could talk…they wouldn’t. What with mediation being a confidential process.

We’re hoping this will be an opportunity to find space that will provide a dignified, professional environment for our heroic clients — who put their trust in us to provide a safe space for difficult conversations.  Not to mention a great home for our amazing mediators and staff, who fearlessly and compassionately get in the middle of every kind of conflict you can imagine (and some that are beyond imagination).

The rent in this town is ever so high, so this would be a good time to consider donating to New York Peace Institute, so we can seamlessly continue to provide free conflict resolution services to thousands of New Yorkers from all walks of life. Any amount helps.  Also! Please come hang with us at our PeaceRaiser on November 14th.

We’ll let you know when we have our housewarming party. Casseroles optional.


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