TEDx talkin’

Folks, here’s my (illustrated!) TEDx Talk  on Mindfulness in the Midst of Conflict at Columbia Teachers College.  I was lucky enough to be among a whole slew of insightful presenters who spieled about mindfulness in their various careers, side hustles, communities, and personal lives.

For the uninitiated, TEDx Talks are independently-managed events sanctioned by TED (Technology, Education and Design), a series of global conferences in which amazing people give short presentations on pretty much everything you can imagine.


4 thoughts on “TEDx talkin’

  1. Very well done, Brad. Your props are brilliant and you’re the only one I know who can make a Hitler joke and get away with it. You also reminded me of the essentials of this profession and to exert my best to practice them more often. Thanks for sharing the talk.

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