Namaste, Ravi Shankar: on sitars, Beatles, and mentors.

george ravi

Virtuoso sitarist Ravi Shankar passed away this week.  George Harrison called him the father of world music, for introducing the sitar to the west…

…and to the Beatles.  I recently gave a presentation on the Beatles and conflict resolution at the Cardozo Law School Journal of Conflict Resolution Symposium, using a bunch of my drawings.  I’ll write a series of illustrated posts on this, starting with this homage to two great artists we lost too soon.

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3 thoughts on “Namaste, Ravi Shankar: on sitars, Beatles, and mentors.

  1. Brad,
    Loved this post. As a child of the 60’s and a Beatle fan….especially George! this brought back great memories.
    It also touched on what I have come to understand as the touchstone of my mediation practice. Mentors are invaluable.
    I know we all can hang our shingles out with the completion of a 40 hour course. Yet like George, we will (excuse the phrase), bastardized the process until we work at this skill. I proffer this can only be done by attending regular meetings with a mentor and study group.

    Feed back from the two study groups I belong to, one with the Center for Understanding led by Jack Himmelstein and Katherine Miller and the other with the NYACP led by Maryellen Linehan has changed the course of my practice. Their sometimes harsh, always constructive, criticism has lifted my practice into another stratosphere.

    Thank you Brad for this post, both for the chance to reminisce about Geroge and Ravi and to comment on the vital importance of mentoring in this our chosen field of endeavor. It is a gem.

  2. Hi Brad, I agree with you that in this Mediation business, having is a mentor is critical. No matter how many courses one takes, there’s still the lingering feeling that there’s a gap to be filled. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post, Brad. Your number 3 takeaway particularly resonated and I think that practice often makes the difference between success…and not.

    Loved the story about George Harrison and the sitar. And learning about sympathy strings. Who knew?

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