Remembering Ray Shonholtz


rayThis week we lost a great peacebuilding visionary and pioneer, Raymond Shonholtz.  I, along with many others, lost a friend, teacher, partner and mentor. As founder of Community Boards, Ray practically invented the modern community mediation center —  transforming the idea from a quasi-court apparatus to full-service hub for community dialogue, intergroup conciliation, and peer mediation — using mediators who reflect the diversity of the community.

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on new year’s day, chickens 1, pigs 0.

In my family, chicken is alimentarius non grata on new year’s day, and my aunt traditionally served up pig’s stomach to our brood. (My dad was a Pennsylvania Dutch farm boy, and they ingested all parts of the pig except the oink.)  Bowing to the protestations of my cousins and me, my aunt ended up making lasagna as well, so I tended to eat the Garfield special.

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