Guest Blogger! Ray Shonholtz on Occupy Wall Street

Folks, enjoy my very first guest blogger, mediation visionary Raymond Shonholtz, founder of Partners for Democratic Change and Community Boards.  Ray based this post on his keynote address at the Oregon Mediation Association conference on November 4th.  

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Peaceful, devilish, Stalinesque and grotesque museums.

I recently joined the board of trustees of the envisioned New York City Peace Museum, alongside amazing folks such as UN Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury.  New York can be a tough town, but we know from peace.  We have to, what with literally living on top of each other, our insanely fast pace, and our beautiful cacophony of cultures and languages.  When xenophobia and Muslim scapegoating gripped so much of the country in the wake of 9/11, New York City — the target of the attacks — remained a relative oasis of interfaith and intercultural tolerance.  The amazing mediators I am fortunate enough to work with at New York Peace Institute with help more than 10,000 people creatively resolve their disputes each year…I like to say we’re the largest civilian peacekeeping force in NYC.

So it’s about time we honor peace as a New York thing with our very own Peace Museum, and join our brethren in cities all over the world.  Stay tuned.

Speaking of museums, here are a few I’ve enjoyed over the years…