In which I become an astrology columnist for a day.

Well, sort of.  This is my dear friend Kiki T , astrologist (or astrosexologist, as she prefers), who writes relationship-oriented horoscopes for all kinds of publications and was the featured astrologist on the Tyra Banks Show.  With Mercury in Libra, apparently it’s a good time to get down to conflict resolution bidness, so she asked me to lay down some communication basics for her blog…below is a re-print of my spiel.

The idea of conflict has negative connotations for a lot of people, but when managed properly, conflict can be a great opportunity to move forward, heal relationships, come up with new ideas, or just be heard.  Here are some handy steps and (deceptively easy) Jedi-esque tricks that will prevent your conflicts from escalating out of control…and will help you get what you need.


3 thoughts on “In which I become an astrology columnist for a day.

  1. Brad: As you may recall, I hand out something called Communication Tips at some trainings but it’s nowhere as on point and clear as yours. This is simply the best succinct summary of important communication and mediation skills that I have ever seen. Worthy of copyrighting, placing in a nice picture frame, and/or distributing to selected colleagues and loved ones for daily use!

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