On candystores and mediation orthodoxy.

Yesterday I blogged about sugary cereals.  Here’s more on the confectionary theme, and an explanation of the provenance of my own unmanageable sweet tooth.

My grandfather, Luther, was a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer, married to my grandmother, Thelma, a Welsh woman who was afraid of animals.  Respecting Thelma’s fear of being pecked, scratched, or gored, Luther got out of the farming racket and did odd jobs (from gravedigging to electrical work) to pay the bills.  Luther and Thelma eventually ended up working in a candy store together…an old-timey shop that sold penny candy, bulk candy, and homemade chocolate candy.  If you gave my grandparents virtually any item of food — from potato chips to pickles to bacon — they would bring it home covered in chocolate.  Pretty much everything covered with chocolate — like everything fried — tastes good.

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2 thoughts on “On candystores and mediation orthodoxy.

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