Sweet talk and grains of truth.

I have a thing for sugary cereals. (I came about this honestly, as evidenced by my father’s vast collection of 20 years’ worth of cereal box prizes).  Lucky Charms is currently in regular rotation chez nous.

This is (somewhat) embarrassing:  When I was really poor and had too much time on my hands, I got in the habit of calling the 1-800 numbers on cereal boxes if I was displeased with the product’s quality  — in the hopes of getting a coupon for a new box and probably some other free stuff.  It always worked.  Once, I called Frosted Mini-Wheats, because the little biscuits were barely dusted with sugar, giving them the texture and presumed taste of llama food.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet talk and grains of truth.

  1. Good thoughts for video evaluators, too. I claim Cinnamon Toast Crunch…another dusted-style cereal. Enjoying the blog, Brad.

  2. Feedback is a long term process. To be successful you have to have a culture where feedback is seen as a positive and something that is helping all of us to be better and act better. That is something we have thought from the first mediator training and we aim to have a community, where we want to learn more from each other and from our own actions. And it has worked so far :-). Second thing is to define, what is feedback. Feedback is supposed to bring something good and positive to the way we work and act. So many times we call feedback something that is in fact just way to relieve our own stress, anxiety etc (and we call that specifically negative feedback). My friend has always told her children, that they should think twice, if the feedback they want to share is aimed to positive outcomes, if not it’s better leave unsaid. That is in my opinion a good advice to us all. 🙂

    PS. It’s reallyreallyreally important to remember, that feedback is not only corrective, we should give feedback of work well done more often!

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