Mensch of the Month!

One thing I love about New York City is that we throw lots of Yiddish words into everyday conversation.  I moved here around 18 years ago, and I regret spending a childhood devoid of words like schvitz, schande, kvetch, kvell, nudnik, schmooze, macher and mishegas.  How on earth did I manage communicate?  (I did know some analagous Pennsylvania Dutch words — yooks, gretz, rootsch, schlumpet — which I only realized weren’t English when I went to college).

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10 thoughts on “Mensch of the Month!

  1. Thank you, thank you for acknowledging Alan!! I met Alan through Mediators Beyond Borders – and consider myself very fortunate to have crossed his path. Unbelievably generous, incredibly well humored, brilliant – and modest!! I had no idea he drives a taxi cab!! How lucky you are to be in close proximity to him!! Great, great post.
    Much warmth, Linda Beitz

  2. This is so well-deserved! In addition to all the above he is an excellent mediation trainer, not to mention his wonderful dry sense of humor. Mazel tov, Alan

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