How we get it wrong in marketing mediation.

Let’s face it, mediation is way underutilized.  We help more than 10,000 New Yorkers find creative and durable solutions to their conflicts every year, but we’re about 6,990,000 short of our goal.  Here are some pitfalls I’ve fallen into in my own efforts to get the word out.

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3 thoughts on “How we get it wrong in marketing mediation.

  1. Great points Brad,
    I think another thing we often forget is that we have to go to where the people are. People are not going to come looking for us, we need to go find them. We need more people out there shaking hands and kissing babies (what?) and promoting what mediation and conflict resolution are all about! Thanks for all the work you do Brad!

  2. Great stuff Brad and looking forward to reading more.

    Some comments:

    from point #1) I think research needs to be done to see what are the emotional based words associated with those in the midst of conflict. I am sure you are right- “empathy” and “joint problem solving” are not something that will bring them to the mediation table as much as words like “control” “closure” (possibly) will.

    #2: This ties into point 5. Some people are “mediating” and it is not mediating in my book. For me, and I agree, the discussion is not able mediation style but rather mediation creditials and professionalism.

    #3- I enjoy networking too…. and also with non-mediation/conflict people too. Have a look at the some of the best selling NYT’s books- many deal with what each of would say is “conflict resolution” or “mediation” yet there is no explicit mention of it. I think not only reaching out to the greater ‘potential’ audience, we need to make sure the proper language is used.

    #4- What a great idea!

    #5- I think having a certification system like the New York Peace Institute and IMI have set in place is a great starting point. Accountability is important and should be within our field. I think benchmarks should be established (like many have done) as well as continuing education too. I know the Nebraska Mediation Association does this.

    #6- well there is no six for you but I am adding one! I think, and is definitely a topic for another day is the concept of mediation being a profession vs volunteer work. I think the difference between the two is what fragments things quit often and reduces the potential of mediation becoming a profession from being fully acheived.

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