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is mediation a sleeping beauty?


Find out at the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution Symposium!

I’ll be among the spielers, and I also drew the above posters, using many magic markers.  Here are the deets:

The Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution is proud to present the 2014 Jed D. Melnick Annual Symposium and hopes you join us on November 3, 2014 from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Key Note: Guiseppe De Palo (ADR Center, Rome)Speakers and Moderators Include:

Robert A. Baruch Bush (Hofstra University School of Law)
James Coben (Hamline University School of Law)
Dona Erez Navot (University of Wisconsin Law School)
Tracey B. Frisch (American Arbitration Association)
Douglas Frenkel (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
Eric Galton (Lakeside Mediation Center)
Brad Heckman (New York Peace Institute)
Laurel Kaufer (Kaufer Mediation)
Kimberlee Kovach (Kovach Dispute Resolution)
Carol B. Liebman (Columbia University School of Law)
Lela P. Love (Cardozo Law School/Yeshiva University)
Jacqueline M. Nolan-Haley (Fordham University School of Law)
James H. Stark (University of Connecticut School of Law)
Joseph P. Stulberg (Moritz College of Law/The Ohio State University)
Nancy A. Welsh (Dickinson School of Law/Penn State University)

The Jacob Burns Moot Court Room
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
55 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

RSVP here, and please direct any questions to eic@cardozojcr.com.



A very special Special Education Mediation episode.

Folks, here’s a great little video on YouTube, featuring our very own Special Education Coordinator, Carol Lieb Himes.  Thanks to the wonderful non-profit Resources for Children With Special Needs, we’re getting the word out on this amazing service — which helps families and schools work together to ensure that special needs kids are getting thei education they deserve. Big shoutout to friends at the New York State Dispute Resolution Association for supporting this program statewide.



Challah! Last call for our benefit concert with the Klezmatics.


Folks, tickets for our benefit concert with the Klezmatics have been selling like latkes.  But we still have a few left, and would love to celebrate with you on Thursday, May 8th, 6-8pm at the historic Cafe Wha. 

I’ve been a fan of the Klezmatics since back in the day, and still can’t really describe them. Their music comes from the Jewish Klezmer tradition (check out their albums Jews with Horns and Rhythm & Jews), but that’s just their starting point.  They mash it up with blues, rock, Balkan brass, Latin, folk, rock, and more. They won a Grammy for their amazing Woody Guthrie tribute album, Wonder Wheel. They are New York City personified – a raucous cultural mishmash that somehow manages to produce great harmony.

I’m still hoping we’ll get a hip hop album out of them entitled Challah at Yo Boy. (You’re welcome, Klezmatics.)

Oh, let’s not forget the venue — Cafe Wha, the West Village landmark that launched Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Richard Pryor, Jimi Hendrix and many more.

The Klezmatics and the Wha are donating their talent and space to help build peace in New York City.  Every scheckel we bring in from this event will go directly toward helping thousands of New Yorkers resolve their differences peacefully creatively, and durably.

Learn more about the gig here…and go here to snap up your tickets.


PUN DMC: here’s the winner of our peace-pun contest.

Head in Hands

Folks, there’s still time to get tix to our amazing benefit concert on May 8th featuring the Grammy award-winning Klezmatics at the historic Café Wha?. Meanwhile, we just had a competition for best peace-related pun, in which the winner gets a free ticket.

And the winner is Jonathan Evan Goldberg (who quite frankly stuffed the ballot box) for:

“The free ticket should go to my friend David Accords: Comp David Accords.”

Honorable mentions and/or dishonorable groans go to the following runners-up:

If an electron and proton get into a dispute, will NYPI provide a neutral neutron? Ugh nevermind, law school doesn’t teach puns   – Brian Farkas

Food brings people together: share a peace of cake. Also share some settle-mints, while you’re at it!   –Jonathan Evan Goldberg

When approaching the New World half the Pilgrims wanted to sail the Mayflower south and the other half north, so they worked out a compromise and came to a settlement. –James P. Stanton

Got fat sharing food with the enemy, Time for some peace and diet. –Jonathan Evan Goldberg

More on food for peace: try some meatyation or carbitration as forms of alternative dispute resolution. Booya!  –Jonathan Evan Goldberg

The mediator who mediated the dispute Helped two disputants to reboot Said the two to the mediator, “is it easier to dispute or to help two disputants to kahoot? –James P. Stanton  

Show your peace at the door and get in free.  –Mark Diamond

Thanks for playing along, punsters, and hope to see you on May 8th.

The Klezmatics live at Cafe Wha? New York Peace Institute Benefit Concert!

Klezmatics_inviteDear friends,
I’m super excited to announce this very special event — a benefit concert by the amazing, Grammy-award winning Klezmatics at the historic, West Village Cafe Wha?. All proceeds will go directly to building peace in New York City, through our provision of free mediation and other conflict resolution services to people from all walks of life. Read more about our work on our website, or in this recent Wall Street Journal article about us.

The Klezmatics are nearly impossible to describe — like New York City itself, they are a mash-up of styles ranging from klezmer, to folk, jazz, rock, latin, Balkan and more. They’ve appeared on Conan O’Brien and many other shows, and are the subject of an incredible documentary, On Holy Ground. Did I mention they won a Grammy? They generously offered to donate their awesome talents for the evening, and they’ll blow the roof off of the joint.

Speaking of the joint, the benefit will be held at the Cafe Wha? — a West Village landmark that helped launch the careers of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and many, many more. Big thanks to our friends at Cafe Wha? for providing their space to us for the evening free of charge, so that all proceeds go to build peace in our city. And they’ll have drinks and eats a go-go (on your dime) to slake your thirsts and tantalize your palates.

This concert will not only be ridiculous fun — it will directly help hundreds of New Yorkers resolve their disputes peacefully, creatively, and durably.

So we hope to see you there — Thursday, May 8. Doors open at 6:00pm, and the Klezmatics will rock the house starting at 6:45pm. Tickets are are $40 for general admission, and we also have sponsor level tix for $100, which will get you special seats. Register here as soon as you can — space is very limited!

Best to all,